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Foreword By Archbishop Philip Tartaglia

Introduction: A Catholic Culture

Scope and Rationale

What Do We Mean By ‘Catholic Culture’?


Chapter One: Contemporary Challenges To The Culture Of The Catholic School

The ‘Ecclesial Identity’ Of The Catholic School

Defining ‘Ecclesial Identity’

Living An ‘Ecclesial Identity’

‘Ecclesial Identity And The ‘Educational Emergency’

Catholic Religious Education And Catechesis: Partnership In Communion

Concluding Remarks

Chapter Two: Education As Cultural Renewal

Historical Antecedents

Changing A Culture?

Catholic Intellectual Tradition

Education As Cultural Renewal

Concluding Remarks

Chapter Three: Media, Education And Culture

Possibilities Offered By The New Media

The Media Of Communication

The Media And Education

The Credibility Of The Media As Educators

New Media

Media Responsibility

Chapter Four: The Italian Context

The Workings Of The Progetto Culturale

Progetto Culturale: A New Way Of Encounter

World Of Communications

The Progetto Culturale And Education

Concluding Remarks

Chapter Five: The Catholic School As A Cultural Project

The Progetto Culturale: An Model For Catholic Education

Wider Church Initiatives

Year Of Faith

New Evangelisation

Courtyard Of The Gentiles

Catholic Education As The New Paideia

Building A Catholic Culture In Schools

First Key: The Catholic University As Cradle And Guardian Of Catholic Culture

Second Key: School, Curriculum And Culture

Third Key: Institutes Of Catholic Culture As Sources Of Renewal

Fourth Key: Formation Of Catholic Educators

Concluding Remarks

Afterword (Robert Davis): Catholicism, Culture, Modernity: A Post-Secular Turn? 

Appendix One 

Congregation For Catholic Education, Educating To Intercultural Dialogue In Catholic Schools: Living In Harmony For A Civilization Of Love (2013)

Appendix Two

Pope Francis, Plenary Address To The Congregation For Catholic Education (2014)