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Reclaiming the Piazza II

Catholic Education and the New Evangelisation

Catholic education is necessarily part of the New Evangelisation. This volume explores this connection through a series of challenging theoretical essays and practical applications.

What to expect from the book …

There are two parts to this volume. In Part 1 there is an exploration of some theoretical issues around the relationship between the New Evangelisation and Catholic Education. We are in the early years of the New Evangelisation and, as such, still developing our understanding of what it means for particular areas of the life of the Church. The five essays in this section serve as markers for future debates on how to integrate the New Evangelisation into policy on Catholic education.

In Part 2 we offer some personal and practical insights on how the success of the New Evangelisation depends on the personal commitment and initiative of those who hold important offices in the Church’s educational institutions. The roles highlighted in this section, while not exhaustive, offer focussed advice from people with experience in the front line of Catholic education. They speak from a personal perspective, thus putting in print that important ‘craft wisdom’ which is often needlessly diminished by those attached to overly theoretical understandings of education.

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