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Reclaiming the Piazza III

Communicating Catholic Culture

Truth, Beauty and Goodness are the heart of the Christian message. This volume offers a set of essays on how Catholic culture can enrich a series of areas of modern life such as art, journalism, fashion, history and the social sciences.

What to expect from the book …

This volume, the third in the Reclaiming the Piazza series offers a series of highly readable essays by respected experts from within the mainstream Catholic tradition with the aim of promoting dialogue in public life. It came to completion as the world passed through the most devastating health, social and economic shock the world has known since the last World War, namely the pandemic of COVID 19. 

It is interesting to reflect on how that seismic blow to humanity’s presumptions about its own capacities and strengths was lived by those who shape public opinion and culture. It is more necessary than ever to restate the fundamental premise of this series of books, namely that the Catholic Christian of the 21st century is called to a witness of engagement, respectful listening, dialogue and friendship. The Piazza of the 21st century will not be reclaimed for Christ by slogans, anathemas or culture wars, but by patience, respect and a humble search for understanding.

Our three book launches

Launch at St Mary’s

Launch in Rome

Launch in Glasgow